Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sola Flowers

Well its been a while, life well and truly got in the way - 2 children under 3, increase in working hours, Christmas, birthdays and wedding planning have taken up all of my time. Its one of these things I am going to focus on today though, it is of course THE WEDDING! I'm sure most people who have planned a wedding will agree that it completely takes over your brain to the extent of when doing a nappy change you start wondering which cloth nappy to buy to match the flower girl dress you have for your daughter (is that crazy?)

Anyway, we are attempting to do this wedding on a budget (saving for a house deposit at the same time) and the cost of flowers was pretty shocking. I attempted coffee filter roses (look back on the blog, pretty hideous) then thought of getting silk until I stumbled upon Sola flowers! Made from balsa wood, they are handmade from soft wood and most importantly REALLY CHEAP! You can buy them ready made (look on Etsy, they are beautiful) but that is obviously more expensive than making them up yourself.

Sola flowers are pretty unheard of in the UK but I was lucky enough to find a bag of them leftover from someones wedding on Ebay which I bought just to check I did like them in person before I had them shipped over from America. The beauty of sola flowers is that you can easily dye them any colour you want. These were dyed (rather impatiently) with food colouring