Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fan Lace Hat

Well we seem to have gone from Summer and straight into Winter here in England, its freezing, rainy and very very windy! Of course winter means...cute knitted baby hats yay!!!

Believe it or not this is the best photo I could get...

Overjoyed at her new hat as you can see but I love it anyway. Really quick to make and uses less than a skein of yarn! Click here for pattern.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sew Prettty Homestyle baby quilt

So here it is.The quilt that has been on the go for YEARS! I originally started it as a gift for one of my neices, it is now for my own Daughter! Its from the Sew Pretty Homestyle book by Tilda, the embroidery designs are stolen from different projects in there (like this cafetiere)

Oh dear...I really should iron BEFORE I take the pictures! Also I swear its not wonky in real life!

All hand sewn using scraps from my stash so free, its in no way perfect but I am so proud of it! Also very relieved its finished as its been hanging around for years, been through..4 house moves with us (yeah we move alot)

My two favourite sections!

Crochet Shawl

Another catch up post, although this was made over a year ago, I have only just got round to posting it which is strange because it was actually one of my favourite makes!

No idea why its upside down, it wont turn round! Anyway I made this for my sister last christmas, really quick to make and nice and big so you can actually wrap it around you and not just drape it over your shoulders.

This is the pattern I used (free of course) Sidewalk Shawl from Red Heart.

If you are looking for something to make for christmas, this is fab and not too old fuddy duddy!